Texting driver that hit and severely injured bicyclist, says “I just don’t care”

By: - 11 hours ago

21-year old Kimberley Davis from Port Fairy, Australia pled guilty to 47 offenses for using a cellphone while driving. This…


Pan American Airways to make a comeback with Boeing 737-800s

By: - 18th Apr 2014

Pan American Airways (Pan Am) is making a comeback, making it the sixth attempt to resurrect the brand. The once prestigious…


Porsche folds after storm of Internet criticism over “Lemon 911″ viral video

By: - 18th Apr 2014

After saving up for many years, Nick Murray was finally able to purchase the car of his dreams, a Porsche…


User shares passwords online to mock Heartbleed bug. Can you guess what happens after?

By: - 17th Apr 2014

A Washington Post reader was fed up of hearing about the risks of the Heartbleed Bug, and left this note…


CAT builds massive Jenga tower using construction machinery

By: - 16th Apr 2014

If you though playing Jenga was cool, check out the same game scaled up many times. Caterpiller (CAT), the construction…


Google Fiber’s next stop may be New York City [Updated: Nope]

By: - 16th Apr 2014

Update: Google has officially addressed the rumors stating that Fiber isn’t coming to NYC any time soon and that the…


Photos from across the globe of last night’s ‘Blood Moon’

By: - 15th Apr 2014

If you’re one of the many people who stayed up last night to watch the full moon, you hopefully would…


Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston helps this guy score a date to the dance [Video]

By: - 14th Apr 2014

If you’re looking for help with getting a date, why not ask Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston (a.k.a. Walter White) for…


US Airways accidentally posts extremely NSFW image on Twitter

By: - 14th Apr 2014

After today’s American Airlines Twitter terror story, another airline has made its way into the viral circle, but for a…

Every home in the tower is designed with love – at least up until as far as one can reach.

These people make the best out of extremely poor living conditions

By: - 14th Apr 2014

Many of us have to luxury of living in decent homes with proper food and water, but not everyone is…


Amazing icicle formations at the Abiqua Falls in Oregon

By: - 14th Apr 2014

Here are a few photos of icicles slowly melting away on the Abiqua Falls in Oregon. They were take by…

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