Google Fiber officially coming to Austin (Updated)

Bradley Wint
By: - 8th Apr 2013
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Watch out Austin, Texas! Google Fiber is coming your way!

Gig.U (The University Community Next Generation Innovation Network) has announced that Google will be expanding its high speed fiber network to the city of Austin, Texas, joining Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri.

An official event will be held tomorrow (April 9th) by Google and the City of Austin, Texas, where they will announce something “very important”. There are no details yet about the service, so we all will have to wait one more day to see who will be the first to get access to the blazing high speed cable service.

Update – 9th April 2013

“Our goal is to start connecting homes in Austin by mid-2014.”

The same service being offered in Kansas City will soon be available to residents in Austin, Texas as of mid-2014, which is relatively still not a long wait. Customers can sign up for a free 5Mb package which lasts for 7 years, of step to the $70 plan which offers 1Gb up/down access, or the $120 plan which has both 1Gb up/down Internet along with a plethora of cable channels to choose from.

Milo Medin, Vice President, Google Fiber, said:

The Internet is still in its early days and has so much more potential to improve our lives. The web helps students and families access essential resources, from information about jobs and healthcare to banking and educational services. Communities that are connected to the Internet grow stronger because there’s greater potential to create jobs, drive economic growth, and help businesses succeed. We believe the Internet’s next chapter will be built on gigabit speeds, and we hope this new Google Fiber city will inspire communities across America to think about what ultrafast connectivity could mean for them. If you’re a city leader and you’re looking for some help making your city gigabit-friendly, have a look at this video from the FCC’s March 2013 Workshop on Gigabit Community Broadband Networks for steps you can take towards your own gigabit-powered future.

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