Icelanders get app that prevents accidental incest

Bradley Wint
By: - 18th Apr 2013
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Created by three university students, the ÍslendingaApp allows residents of Iceland to check that they’re not accidentally committing incest when hooking up with someone.

As funny it may sound, Icelandic families only date as far back as the Vikings in the 9th century, making it a strong possibility that you could hook up with a second cousin and not even know it.

With a population of just over 320,000, three software engineering students at the University of Iceland designed an app that warns users if they may potentially be hooking up with someone who is too close a relative to them. Called ÍslendingaApp or “App of Icelanders”, the Android app allows users to search individuals they may be interested in to see how close the family relationship may be.


The app uses the database from genealogy website, Íslendingabók, which has a record about almost every Icelander stretching back as far as 1200 years.

“Bump the app before you bump in bed”

The app also has a ‘bump’ feature that allows users to physically bump their phones to see if they are related, and how closely, just to make sure you don’t shack up with your cousin by accident. We’re guessing this might be an NFC or GPS powered option.

All jokes aside, it does seem like a very handy app, and with 2000+ downloads and an average rating of 4.6/5 stars, it looks like it’s a growing success. There’s even a birthday calendar that reminds you of upcoming relatives’ birthdays.

[Cover Photo: Danny Nicholson/Flickr]

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