“Liberator” 3D hand gun blueprints now available for download

Bradley Wint
By: - 6th May 2013
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CAD blueprints for the “Liberator” 3D hand gun are now available for download!

With the advent of 3D printing technology, someone was bound to come up with blueprints for a 3D gun. The folks at Defense Distributed, the makers of the “Liberator” 3D hand gun, did just that and have finally released the blueprints required to build your very own working 3D gun capable of firing¬†.380 caliber bullets.

The gun consists of 16 parts, 15 that can be fabricated with a 3D printer while the last is a non-functional metal part that is needed for compliance under the Undetectable Firearms Act (at least in the United States).


Defense Distributed printed a working model with a Stratasys 3D printer and then fired it in the prairies of Texas (video above). The company’s founder, Cody R. Wilson, did mention in a detailed article over at Forbes that he did “recognize that this tool might be used to harm people.”

There are presently no laws which ban the manufacture of 3D guns, but New York Senator Charles Schumer has once again reminded government officials that new legislation needs to be drafted to control or ban the production and distribution of 3D printed weapons.

You can download the CAD files here.

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