20 most memorable gadgets of the ’90s

Bradley Wint
By: - 13th May 2013
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Welcome to the last decade of the 20th century, when having a cellphone or PDA made you cool.

The ’90s set the framework for the development of many types of gadgets we know and love today. Cellphones and PDAs were the it things, and console gaming was just taking off. Here are 20 gadgets that won’t forget from the 1990s.

20. TiVO HDR110 (1999)


Philips HDR112

The TiVO Philips HDR110 DVR was introduced in March 1999, allowing users to digitally store up to 14 hours worth of TV viewing content in MPEG-2 format. The great thing about TiVO was that quality didn’t degrade quickly like what happened when shows were recorded on VCR cassette tapes. There was also a DirecTV model called the DSR6000  which stored up to 35 hours of TV time. The standalone units allowed owners to add bigger hard drives should they want to store more data.

19. Iomega Zip Drive (1994)


The Iomega Zip Drive essentially grew upon existing floppy disk technology, initially offering users 100MB of storage versus 1.44MB on a traditional floppy disk. The problem was that USB drives and CD-R discs were also taking off around the same time. Even when a 750MB Zip Disk was introduced, they only saw a slight improvement in sales from 1998 to 1999 but then lost out to competitors from there on, discontinuing the product in 2003. However, it was a must have if you were a techie back in that time.

18. Apple Newton MessagePad (1993)


The MessagePad was Apple’s first attempt at a PDA, running on Newton OS and featured handwriting recognition that never worked well. Above, you can see how big the MessagePad was compared to a modern day iPhone. Imagine carrying that around in your bag.

17. Pioneer DRM-624X Six-Disc Changer (1995)


Pioneer’s DRM-624X CD changer revolutionized the market because it offered faster read speeds, allowing for seamless playback of audio and video. While most people still had single CD players in their cars, this was the device to have if you were a serious audio guy.

16. Hewlett-Packard 100LX (1994)


Running on MS DOS 5.0, the 100LX was considered one of the essential devices needed by a working man. With 1-2 MB of internal storage, there was lots of space to take short notes as well as store contacts and calendar events.

15. Casio F91W (1991)


You’ve seen it in the movies, most of your friends had it at one point in their lives, and it was even part of an al-Qaeda terrorist time bomb made in 2000. The F-91W has become one of the most iconic quartz watches on the market today, and even though it was introduced in 1991, it continues to sell to this very day for around $7.50 to $15.

14. Canon PowerShot A (1998)


Canon PowerShot A95

The PowerShot A line was introduced as a budget camera in April 1998. The A5 (first model) was able to take pictures of just 1MP. It might seem like a joke to us now but the cost made it possible for many consumers to finally purchase a digital camera.

The point and shoot line still continues to this day with the introduction of the A1400 and A2600 capable of taking 16MP images with zoom features. Look how far we’ve come.

13.Siemens S10 Cellphone (1997)


Even though Siemens has introduced a few phones before the S10 and S10 Active, these two models became quite the hit, offering the ability to show multiple colors on its screen. The S10 Active was bolstered to withstand water splashes, drops, and heavy dust, making it quite a rugged phone.

12. Nikon D1 SLR Camera (1999)


The D1 was capable of taking higher quality photos with its 2.7MP image sensor and included features such as continuous shooting and a range of controllable shutter speeds.

11. PlayStation (1994)


Going up against the Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64, the original PlayStation essentially was a game changer for the console market. From its introduction in 1994 to March 2005, the PlayStation and PSOne sold 102.49 million units, making it the very first console to sell over 100 million units.

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