11 pieces of movie technology we wish were real

Bradley Wint
By: - 19th May 2013
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How many times have you watched a movie and said, “Damn, I wish I had that in real life.” Here are 11 pieces of fictional movie technology we wish were real.

Human Memory Eraser (Neuralyzer)

Will Smith

Men In Black 3

The Neuralyzer is a standard issue device given to agent employed at the Men In Black. The electronic device is about the size of a cigar, and is used to erase the memory of those who are exposed to its flash. The user can set how far back they wish to erase a person or group’s memory ranging from seconds to years. Let’s admit it, even though it is really controversial, we all secretly wish we could force someone to forget something they saw or experienced. Maybe you got into a fight with your spouse? Why not just flash his or her memory and learn from your past mistake. They’d be none the wiser.

On-Spot Voice Translation (Babel Fish)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, anyone sticking a Babel Fish into their ears can instantly understand someone speaking to them in any language imaginable. The name even inspired Yahoo to name their text translation service after the movie’s creation, but there are still no devices that do close to a good job of listening to live audio and translating it on the fly. Imaging going to another country and not having to bust out that Rosetta Stone CD or hire a translator. Pretty cool, right?

Holographic Display



Holographic displays have been the centerpiece of many sci-fi movies, but the three that stood out to me were the ones in Mission To Mars, Minority Report, and Prometheus.  True holography enabled you to display a 3D environment within a set space, allowing users to see whatever is displayed no matter at what angle they view it at. It essentially show allow you to see a replica of a 3D model in real life using laser light, which means you can look at it it but not actually touch it. There are many products that emulate some form of holography, but no one has created a true model like in the movies.

Adaptable Exo-suits


Iron Man 3

We’ve seen and heard about exo-skeletons in the Crysis game series, and in Iron Man, as well as The Avengers. When suited up, it literally adapts to the user’s human body allowing for a seamless connection between brain and suit. The exo-skeleton acts more as an extension to the user’s abilities rather than a separate machine that requires push button control. These suits still allow for some manual configuration though. For instance in Crysis (game), you can select if you wish to be in stealth mode, have extra strength, agility, or more armor. In Iron Man 3, J.A.R.V.I.S. is the A.I. computer that manages Tony Stark’s suit, allowing him to communicate with the suit on top of the fact that he can already pass instructions to it with his mind and body.

Taking part in your own dream or someone else’s



Let’s get this right, we’re not talking specifically about the idea of Inception. In the movie, Inception death with infiltrating a target’s subconscious to plant an idea to make them believe that it really happened. To achieve inception, the dream traveling group uses experimental military hardware than allows them to enter someone else’s dreams and use it as a playground to do whatever they want. In the movie’s case, their objectives are usually to plant an idea, but imagine being able to enter your own dream or someone else’s dream and being able to do whatever you always wanted to do? Could explain why some dreamers in the movie get so wrapped up in it.

Teleportation Machine


Star Trek

Whether you call it a ‘Transporter’ like on Star Trek or an Interstellar teleporter, movies generally portray this device as being able to break down any object at the atomic level (animate or inanimate) and transport them to another location using “spatial coordinate remapping” technology. Many research facilities are hard at work at actually trying to build a real teleporter, some of them already successfully teleporting light particles. Maybe one day we can beam ourselves from work to the kitchen in seconds.

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