Spain builds $680 million submarine that can’t re-surface

Bradley Wint
By: - 23rd May 2013
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Navantia has admitted that a calculation error during the production of an S-80 class submarine could result in it not being able to re-surface once being submerged.

Navantia, a Spanish state-owned company charged will building 4 S-80 air independent propulsion submarines, have hit a major stumbling block after discovering that over 100 tons of extra weight were added to the very first vessel built during its construction stages.

As a result of the miscalculation and after already spending $680 million of their $2.2 billion budget, they are going to have to scrap the present design in order to whip up a batch of fresh schematics to account for the new variables. The extra weight means that once the ship goes underwater, it would experience buoyancy problems while trying to make its way back to the top, to the point where it may never be able re-surface at all.

The new schematics will feature a lengthened hull, allowing them to redistribute weight and add more floating mechanisms. Sadly, the Spanish government is going to have to fork out about $9.7 million per additional meter of length added to each of the 4 vessels waiting to be modified to reflect the new plans.

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