Latest Lamborghini Luxury Sports Car 2017

Is the most expensive car in the world, this car is a high-speed Sport Car that can increase adrenaline for the rider. The average owner of this Lamborghini Car is among the rich because the price is very expensive.

Lamborghini Sport Car is made in Italy and is famous in the World and became the world’s icon in the sports car. Therefore do not be surprised by the fantastic prices. This car includes Super Luxury car.

This car has a special aura until the price becomes billions, with a sporty design and features a super sophisticated and high-powered engine that is able to make people who drive it has a strong charisma and radiated his wealth.

luxury lamborghini 2017

The buyers of this car is among the elite and money issues of course dah unlimited, because there are in offered with the price of  $200,000 so for the middle to lower just admire this car. Perhaps you’ve seen in infotaiment about Syahrini, this artist has Lamborghini Gallardo Car certainly the price is above $300,000 and also other artists. Visit:

The cheapest Lamborghini Sport car is the Gallardo, also the price reaches $200,000, the cheapest ja segal especially the most expensive. Please see the price list of Lamborghini luxury car.