Toyota Rush Simple Elegant Ceper

Many automotive lovers choose to make modifications to the car. In fact, if calculated, many also from modifiers who spend money like buying a new car when making modifications. Of course the answer varies, ranging from hobby to inner satisfaction in modifying.

As did Irvan Nugraha, which feels appropriate if anyone says his modification Toyota Rush is more to satisfy the desire. Because everything is done to make the car different from the others.

Irvan cold hands managed to prove Toyota Rush 2013 remains fun to be faced with the concept of Simple Elegant. Various changes made Irvan, as on the exterior that looks very different. Also read: Toyota Fortuner Mileage, Specs and Release Date

“The concept is simple elegant, using a Gnosis R18 rim with a width of 8 flat but different celong, as well as the customized legs, along with the addition of front towing accessories and rear towing” he said.Toyota Rush ceper

Not only the exterior, when viewed from the view presented interior changes are also no less luxurious. Changes made with audio The front pillar uses a set of 3way tenfox speakers and for rear wear 1set speakers 3way pca and 1set speakers midbass krone made in germany, 4chanel power wear 2 ie 1 venom and 1 more momentum, for monoblock wear prokick 6000dl sub wear momentum mx -1dd 3magnet.

Irvan who joined the Begundal Project Auto Club community and this too, do not forget to change the engine side. Simple changes done to support the appearance. “For the engine only to change the altenator / dinamo amper have alphard and batteries use the brand of 100amper vision capacity,” he added.

Create Otolovers that have a motorcycle and car modifications and want appear in, just send a picture of your car / motor, include any components that are changed.