Prank Callers disrupt Skype conversation during Zimmerman Trial (Video)

Bradley Wint
By: - 5th Jul 2013
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Once again, pranksters easily showed us how technologically backward people in the justice system can be.

The justice system once again has gotten egg in its face after they encountered some ‘technical difficulties’ after a witness tried to give evidence via a Skype video conversation. Assistant state prosecuting attorney Richard Mantei called witness Scott Pleasants (one of Zimmerman’s professors back in 2011) to give evidence via Skype since he was unable to make his presence available at the court.

Things took a bad turn after the camera man focused on Mantei’s open Skype window, allowing the entire nation to see his username. Since you don’t need to be friends with someone on Skype to call them, it was only inevitable that someone would call in just for the fun of it. What was even more hilarious was the fact that Mantei didn’t set his Skype to ‘Do Not Disturb’ which would hide any incoming calls from popping up in the screen.

The first wave of attacks was started by a Skype user going by the name of “Salman Talpur”. Of course once more people saw Mantei’s username, they started calling in to the point where the session had to be put on hold. When the court resumed, the witness’ call was hosted via tradition telephone (on speakerphone). Take a look below to see the mega fail unfold.

[Cover Photo: DavidOtunga/Twitter]

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