Batman after Arkham Origins

By: - 6th Jul 2013
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It is no secret that the Arkham series provides the best videogame Batman experience. But where could the series go next?

Sure, we may all enjoy the focus on Arkham now, but after the release of Arkham Origins this fall, are we all going to be desperate for another entry along similar lines? Personally, I think the Arkham series has been fantastically wrapped up; how about we move onto something twice as interesting?

Batman: Year 100

Year 100 gives us a Gotham City in 2039, which hasn’t gotten any better. Nearly a police state, the city is in chaos, but our favourite dark knight still lingers in the shadows to clean the streets of criminal scum!

Imagine Batman’s Rogue Gallery adapted for a future setting, and how awesome a futuristic Gotham City would be to explore with new, sci-fi gadgets. Also, they’d have to let us have this incarnation of the Batmobile; a high-tech motorcycle.

The Dark Knight Returns

One of the most popular and famed Batman story arcs of all time, The Dark Knight Returns sees an aging Bruce Wayne forced to return to his position as Batman. The latest film, The Dark Knight Rises, may have loosely been based upon this, but a videogame adaption that is far more accurate could be fantastic.

This story is also very well-known for the fact that Batman defeats the fabled Superman. That would make for one hell of a boss fight, if you ask me.

Batman: Gothic

The Arkham series gives us the villain-smashing Batman we have all come to love, but it often forgets about his detective side. What if the next entry could give us more of a classic murder mystery where Batman has to dive into Gotham’s dark past?

This story arc also gives a chance for Batman to escape the confines of Gotham and visit Austria. We also find out a little bit more about the man behind the mask as he is forced to explore his life before the Wayne tragedy. This darker, suspenseful tale makes up for the lack of action by being covered in a thick fog of mystery, and is something that should definitely be explored as a possibility for a videogame.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

Yes, this was actually a thing at some point in time! While the above is very early footage, I think the game would have been mind-blowing, if all games were judged by their cape physics.

This Batman tales takes us back to the Victorian era, and gives Batman a very famous nemesis – Jack the Ripper. And unfortunately, the people of Gotham are set that little old Jack is actually Bruce Wayne.

Seeing Gotham is this earlier age and translating a lot of Batman’s gadgets would be insanely cool to see in a game. This dark Victorian episode is my personal favourite setting for a Batman game, and the potential behind it could be huge.

Justice League of America: The Tower of Babel

We all want to see a fully fleshed out Justice League game in the future, but how about a Batman-based introduction, first? This masterful comic line sees Batman’s records of every superhero’s weakness exploited by the infamous Ra’s al Ghul.

This could help introduce all of our favourite DC heroes, and could spawn a sequel from its ending (which I will not spoil here) while still functioning as a Batman game.

Superman: Speeding Bullets

Yes, ok – this one is a little crazy. Speeding Bullets is both a Batman and Superman tale as baby Kal-El is dropped into Gotham City, where he is brought up by Thomas and Martha Wayne. So, as the story progresses, we see Batman with all of Superman’s powers. Pretty cool, right?

Also of note is how Lex Luthor becomes the Joker in this storyline; the potential of exploring a mix of Superman’s Rogue Gallery and Batman’s is extremely interesting, and watching Batman grow into Superman is a tale worth telling.

So, what is your favourite idea for a Batman game? Let us know, below!


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