The best fan-made Fable Anniversary achievements so far

By: - 9th Jul 2013
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Have you ever thought of an achievement idea that was so much better than the ones available?

Achievements are a big thing for Xbox 360 gamers, and Lionhead have picked up on such; they are hosting a competition where we – the gamer – decide what the achievements in the game should be. Below is a selection of the best so far!

The Colonel Likes ‘Em Crispy: Kick 20 chickens into a fire.

Are You Not Entertained?!: Kill four enemies in the arena with one epic strike.

Punch Drunk: Float like a Nymph, sting like a Balverine; beat 50 enemies barehanded.

Iron Man: Complete the coliseum without any clothing on.

Happy Anniversary: Present your neglected spouse with a fish.

Hello Sh… I Mean Crystal: Have 5 spouses at one time.

Hello, My Name is Default: Keep your name as Default and beat the game.

Credit to the original creators over on the Lionhead forums.

Finally, my personal favourite:

Acceptance: You’ve realized that you’re unable to make a good new Fable game, so you’ve given up on the idea.

Credit to unacomn over at VG247.

What ideas do you have for achievements? Let us know, below!

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