Steam Summer Sale: Why You Should Be Excited

By: - 10th Jul 2013
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Every summer Steam has it mother of all sales, and with rumors stating that it will begin tomorrow, here is why you should be excited.

As primarily a console gamer I only learned of the Steam Summer Sale a year ago, so hopefully with this article I can show other console gamers like myself why they should be excited for this sale.

1. Cheap games

Let me put this into perspective. Last summer I bought for about than 30 dollars Saints Row: The Third on top of both Batman Arkham City and Arkham Asylum. Even not on sale a year later I couldn’t even dream about buying all three of those games for that amount of money. This is the beauty of the Summer Sale because all these games aren’t just cheap, they’re dirt cheap. Every day during the Sale, Steam has different games on sale for only that day for dirt cheap prices. Regularly 60 dollar games could be as cheap as 20 dollars for a few hours to as long as maybe 24 hours.

Now this is also a good time to buy as many DLC’s and expansion packs as you could ever want. If you don’t want to shell out the usual unreasonable price for another mission or more multiplayer maps but you still want to give them a try, this is the perfect time to do that. DLC’s and Expansions can be as cheap as just a couple bucks or even under 1 dollar.

Chances are that every game on the Steam roster will be on sale at some point or another, so remember to check back every day to make sure you don’t miss anything.

2. Try games you never would have if they weren’t so cheap

This point is what I think is the greatest part about the Steam Summer Sale. Chances are that there are games you have always wanted to try but were never willing to shell out the money to buy it. Well, this is the perfect chance for you to finally try them. For example, I always wanted to try the Witcher 2, but I never really wanted to spend money on it since I already had my fantasy fix with Skyrim. Last summer however, I saw the game on sale for just 15 dollars at some point, and at that point I couldn’t resist.

It’s times like this that make the Summer Sale so great, because you get the chance to try recent games that you would never pay for at retail.

3. Bundles Bundles Bundles!

Ever dream of purchasing every Star Wars game possible on Steam but you never were willing to spend the normal price for every game? Well, Steam had this wonderful little idea to just bundle together a bunch of similar games into one giant group for a cheap price. To continue the Star Wars game example, Steam would simply just put every single Star Wars game they have available in a bundle and sell it at about 400% cheaper than buying each game individually.

These bundles are usually anywhere from 40 to 100 dollars, but all of them usually follow the similar pattern of being at least 300% cheaper than each game usually would be. Now this might mean that in any particular bundle that you may already own a game or two in that bundle. This shouldn’t turn you off however because even if you have to re-purchase a game or two, all the other games in that bundle will never be as cheap individually. So if you only own 1 to 3 out of 10 games, then it is definitely still worth buying.


No matter if you are a PC gamer or a console gamer, you should be as excited as possible for the Steam Summer Sale tomorrow. This is the best time of the year to buy cheap games, and no one should miss out.

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