Injustice: Gods Among Us Characters We Still Want

By: - 16th Jul 2013
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With new DLC’s announced for Injustice: Gods Among Us including Martian Manhunter so far, here are our other top 5 DC characters we still want to see.

5. Gorilla Grodd

gorilla grodd

It seems fitting that Flash should also get one of his archenemies in Injustice if everyone else is going too, and Grodd would be great in Injustice. With strength that is much stronger than the average gorilla, as well as his telepathy abilities, Grodd would be an extremely fun character to play as.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to beat superheroes up as an awesome gorilla with mind control?

4. Zatanna


Zatanna would be another great female addition to the Injustice Roster. Not only is she a popular female character, but her status in the Justice League Dark in the New 52 brings for an interesting storyline with other heroes, and villains. Not only that, but throughout the years she has also had a huge relationship with Batman, making for some even more interesting storyline fights if that were to be included.

Zatanna’s only downfall would be that since she uses sorcery her combat style would be very similar to Raven’s in the game, so that may work against her no matter how awesome she is.

3. Black Manta

black manta

With Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman getting their archenemies put in Injustice, it seems fitting that Aquaman get one of his in Black Manta. Not only is Black Manta just a really awesome bad guy, but his ruthlessness would fit very well in the story of Injustice.

With powers that include shooting lasers out of his eye slots in his helmet, to being able to fire rockets from his suit, Black Manta would be an interesting and deadly character to fight with.

2. Black Canary

black canary

Black Canary would be a great addition to the roster of Injustice simply because she is so badass. Not only do her skills in hand to hand combat make perfect sense for a game like Injustice, but combined with her Canary Cry that can be used similarly to Superman’s heat vision. Imagine a fighting style similar to if you combined Batman’s hand to hand combat with Superman’s heat vision, and you have the wonderful Black Canary.

Not only does Black Canary fit perfectly in a fighting game, but she is another great female addition to a game that seriously lacks in female superheroes.

1. Darkseid


Just like Martian Manhunter, it is quite a surprise that Darkseid wasn’t included at the release of Injustice. While he makes a cameo in a special sequence, you would think that one of the biggest bad guys ever in the DC universe would be included in this game. With powers that include his iconic Omega Beams, shooting energy beams out of his hands, and super strength, the fact that he isn’t in the game already is just a mystery for us all.

As one of the biggest villains in the DC universe, it would be a real surprise if he wasn’t eventually introduced as a playable character eventually.


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