5 things Mad Max needs

By: - 16th Jul 2013
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Our favourite Aussie hero is getting a big-budget game release, so we’ve compiled a list of what should make the final cut.

Just below you’ll find the first gameplay trailer for Mad Max, and it sure is looking promising.

It needs scavenging

Following from Mad Max 2, ammo is scarce and supplies are wholly limited. When it comes down to gameplay, Mad Max shouldn’t be an overpowered, gun-toting maniac but a survivor. This should be both apparent when using his fabled sawn-off shotgun, and when it comes down to fuel and other supplements. Max can be the crippling badass he is, without having to carry sixteen-hundred different weapons.

The developers – Avalanche Studios – are known for

In game, such could eventually be translated into a crafting system. While this is often a shoddy trope in most released titles now-a-days, if it was done right, it would fit right into the universe. Imagine: scavenging for supplies which you can then ‘combine’ alike Dead Rising 2. Upgrades to Max’s car could be done via this, and traps should definitely be a thing, too.

It needs companions

Again taking inspiration from the best in the series – Mad Max 2 – companion characters could also make the game very interesting. In the film, Max originally has a dog, who is then later replaced by a “Feral Kid” (or a “wild child”). For the dog, we’ll have to see how well Call of Duty: Ghosts manages it, but for the human companion, a relationship similar to Joel & Ellie’s from The Last of Us could be extremely awesome.

Max is a lone wolf. He is a husk of a man, who’s sole goal is to kill every gang member, in order to avenge his family. Being forced to teach a younger character to fend for themselves could be a fantastic storytelling opportunity, as well as a chance to further develop Max’s character.

It needs a good story

First and foremost, Mad Max is not a film about saving the world. Each focus on a small, personal tale that sees Max deal with a slowly escalating situation. The game should not try and change this concept; having Max pushed to his limits does not require a globe-spanning tale of wizardry and world-saving, but a powerful antagonist and high, personal stakes.

The open-world should also try and aid the plot – rather than aimless “race events” and “bounty missions”, Mad Max should include a handful of fantastic short stories in the disguise of side missions. These should have relevance to the plot at hand, while still being optional, and each should be unique.

If the game features any missions that go along the lines of “kill 12 bandits!” then I will lose hope for humanity.

It needs atmosphere

Max Max Beyond Thunderdome should be judged on the fact that Tina Turner stars in the movie. Yeah, it’s certainly no Mad Max 2.

What it did include, however, was an awesome town that really shows the type of settlements we should be seeing in a Mad Max game. Having a main city that draws from the post-apocalyptic wonders of Bartertown would be perfect, and would also be amazing to explore.

This “urban” shanty-cities would be an impressive way to break up the action-heavy outside world, too, with a focus being on exploration and dialogue, rather than sawn-off shotgunning mutants in the face. The latter is always enjoyable, but we all need some downtime from it every once in a while.

It needs to be unique

Finally, the game should NOT tie-in with the new movie (Mad Max: Fury Road) or be a remake of any of the previous ones. The Australian outback is full of opportunities other than treading familiar ground, and this should be remembered. This also applies to nods at previous games; please avoid constant “winks” at those who have watched the original trilogy, as this is distraction, immersion-breaking and tired.

Give us new, even better set-pieces that don’t have to rely on nostalgia to be a success! This same non-reliance on nostalgia should also be applied to the rest of the game, and needs to be, in order for it to survive against the numerous post-apocalyptic titles we see now-a-days.

So, are you holding out hope for Mad Max? If so, what are you hoping will be a part of the game? Let us know, below!


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