Heavy Rain Text Adventure: The Beginning of a New Trend?

By: - 23rd Jul 2013
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Heavy Rain, the 2010 interactive drama released for the Playstation 3 by Quantic Dream, has received the text adventure treatment today.  Could this be the start of something not so new yet innovative?

Yes, you heard that right.  Remember the late 70s and early 80s when many games took the simple form of text?  You typically had to guide your character, appearance often unknown, through a forest or a castle by telling the him or her to “go north”.  Now, the group at Gamesradar UK has retold the saga of Ethan Mars in this very same fashion.

The text adventure of Heavy Rain only follows the tribulations of Ethan as he enters the location where the Lizard Trial is set to take place.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with the story of Heavy Rain, Ethan Mars is in a race against time to save his son from the Origami Killer, who has offered Ethan a chance to find out where his son is by completing a series of five grueling trials.  The Lizard Trial is the third, and is arguably the most disturbing trial that Ethan has to face.

The text adventure is what you would expect, though I was surprised and amused by the extremely pixelated screenshots of the actual PS3 game that accompanied the text.  Gameplay-wise, players can either type simple text commands such as “go west” or “use key”, or they can choose to use a simple menu to achieve exactly the same results.

As stated before, the text adventure largely follows the third trial, but the authors of the game have inserted a bit of their own humor at certain points.  From what I have played so far, there are some pretty intriguing and unexpected twists that compel the player to make different decisions at various points in the adventure, much like the actual game.  That is to say that for those of you who have played Heavy Rain over a dozen times (like me), having to make choices comes with the territory, but the actual choices you are able to make and some of their results will surprise you.

This may be the beginning of a new trend from the good ol’ days.  The makers of the Heavy Rain text adventure are asking for suggestions regarding other games that could be given the text adventure treatment in the future.  They are also offering other text adventure developers a chance to create games on their site.  Overall, I am intrigued by what I have seen so far and I wouldn’t mind seeing an expanded version of the Heavy Rain text adventure that encompasses the events of the whole game, and it is certainly interesting to ponder what additional modern titles can and will receive the text adventure treatment.

What modern games would you be interested in seeing converted into a text adventure?

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