British ISP tells Cameron to sod off over X-rated filter proposal

Bradley Wint
By: - 26th Jul 2013
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British ISP Andrew & Arnold has responded to David Cameron’s push for Internet censorship in the UK by offering either unrestricted access to the net or the option to move to North Korea.

If you haven’t heard, David Cameron is pushing for ISPs to implement an adult content parental filter option where subscribers can filter out pornographic content along with other categories such as violence, alcohol usage, extremist and terrorist websites, web forums and web circumvention tools.


A sample of TalkTalk’s filter option page.

Andrew & Arnold have taken a different approach and sticking their middle finger to Cameron by given its customers two options which are either keep unfiltered Internet access or moving to North Korea where there are tons of restrictions.

The government wants us to offer filtering as an option, so we offer an active choice when you sign up, you choose one of two options:-

  • Unfiltered Internet access – no filtering of any content within the A&A network – you are responsible for any filtering in your own network, or
  • Censored Internet access – restricted access to unpublished government mandated filter list (plus Daily Mail web site) – but still cannot guarantee kids don’t access porn.

If you choose censored you are advised: Sorry, for a censored internet you will have to pick a different ISP or move to North Korea. Our services are all unfiltered.

Is that a good enough active choice for you Mr Cameron?

They’ve even added a page to their knowledge base making it clear that they won’t censor their Internet packages and have a list of tips for parents to be proactive on their own without using a huge veil to filter out good or bad content. There are even tips to help users protect themselves from falling pray to data logging and other traffic monitoring techniques.

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