Samsung Galaxy S4 catches fire, burns down man’s apartment and his Mercedes

Bradley Wint
By: - 30th Jul 2013
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After a steamy session with the “Love Machine” app, Mr. Du’s Galaxy S4 burst into flames which eventually set his sofa and the rest of his apartment on fire.

According to Chinese news source Xianguo, Mr. Du was playing a game on his Samsung Galaxy S4 (while it was charging) when it suddenly burst into flames. Hit first reaction was to toss the phone away after it made a “bang” noise, but his decision proved to be not so wise. The flaming phone ignited the flammable sofa and the fire eventually spread, gutting the entire Hong Kong apartment. His Mercedes Benz parked outside the apartment complex were also destroyed as a result of fire and falling debris. Both Du and his wife escaped without serious injury.

Even though many were quick to accuse Du of having a knock-off battery and charger, he was adamant that the phone and all its accessories were genuine. Samsung has stepped in saying that they will investigate to determine if the accessories are indeed genuine or not because many times, similar explosions like these were as a result of owners using non-OEM products.



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