What Dragon Age: Inquisition needs to take from its predecessors

By: - 1st Aug 2013
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Dragon Age 2 didn’t win anyone’s heart. Origins, on the other hand, was a fantastic RPG that reminded us of yesteryear epics such as Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale.

Sure, it was no Planescape: Torment but Dragon Age: Origins gave us RPG lovers something we hadn’t seen for years – a wondrous fantasy RPG full of dialogue, memorable characters, and classic combat. For me, it was the perfect combination - Origins had me entirely enthralled from beginning to end.

Unfortunately, this favored title was only hindered by its sequel, Dragon Age 2. They changed several things that they had no need to – why take away features rather than adding them? It did, however, have several redeeming points, such as Aveline, Fenris and Isabella. I didn’t have to look up those names, so that speaks for itself.

So, with Dragon Age: Inquisition on the horizon, what does the title need to take from the previous entries in the series to be successful?

Splice the combat from Origins & Dragon Age 2

Controversial opinion here – I preferred the combat of Origins far more than I did Dragon Age 2. I found the slow-paced, tactical (felt like it, anyway) gameplay far more appealing than the frantic, back flip-friendly jousting of the sequel. However, I understand that I don’t get everything I want, so I’ll settle for a mixture.

Keep the hack ‘n slash feel of the sequel, but bring back the tactical atmosphere of Origins! Make it more difficult, include more options to build my combatant, and calm the psychotic acrobatics a little.

Bring back Origin’s character customization

Neither of the Dragon Age games had particularly decent loot. When comparing Origins to 2, however, the former looks like something from the Diablo universe. I remember gaining only three decent armor sets in the course of the sequel, while in the original, I switched regularly. Sure, the sets in Dragon Age 2 looked stunning, but I’d like a few dozen more of them, please.

That last sentence also brings up another point – for god’s sake, Bioware, make more assets for the game! More variation goes down well, and stops the type of recycling that got you in trouble in Dragon Age 2 (referring to the dreadful reuse of dungeons).

Finally, give me back companion customization. Bioware claimed that the locked armor sets for companions was to demonstrate their personality etc – I am actually cool with that. Unique armor sets for companions is understandable and awesome. However, rather than giving us a handful of them, make an entire library of unique sets, to stop us all from getting bored.

Choice matters

Dragon Age 2 was heavily redundant, because no matter what, the ending was the same. What happened to the difficult choices of the original? While I admit that I am a sucker for the typical sacrifice option (nothing’s more bad-ass than going down in a fight!) any variation would have helped for Dragon Age 2.

Origin stories are another thing I sorely miss, and were one of my favourite things in Dragon Age: Origins. This idea of having a unique opening based on your character creation choices was awesome, and added so much depth to the tale. I’d love to see this return, but I highly doubt we will.

Calm down the romance

I’m not one for videogaming lovebirding. Sure, I understand the appeal, but my characters are so busy off slaying darkspawn, that I often forget which character I should make oogly eyes at.

With Dragon Age 2 I literally could not forget. It seemed as the game progressed, every character I knew was utterly in love with me. Yes, sure, I played the charming rogue, but still – back if off, chaps. I’m a man of one woman.

So, what do you want to see return for Dragon Age: Inquisition? Let us know, below!

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