Are The Last of Us 2 Naysayers Overreacting?

By: - 19th Aug 2013
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The success of The Last of Us makes it almost inevitable that a sequel will eventually be made, but some people are adamant that the game ended perfectly and shouldn’t be messed with. Are these people overreacting?

Disclaimer: Possible The Last of Us Spoilers ahead!!

The short answer is easily yes. The developers at Naughty Dog are some of the best  in the industry, and if anyone could put out a sequel that could continue the magic of The Last of Us, its clearly them. On top of that, it is clear that Naughty Dog wouldn’t be making a sequel if they didn’t have an idea that could work for it.

The main reason for many people not wanting a sequel is because they believe that Joel and Ellie’s story ended perfectly, and that they don’t want it ruined. This makes sense, and it really is hard to imagine another game continuing a story that ended so well. However, just because The Last of Us told the story of Joel and Ellie does it mean that The Last of Us 2 has to continue that story.

A really interesting direction Naughty Dog could take is by going with two completely new main characters. Throughout the game we continuously see all these stories about different survivors, and many of them are just as interesting as Joel and Ellie’s. By taking this route, Naughty Dog could also completely change the setting of the game by putting these new characters in totally different parts of the world. No one really knows what is happening outside of the United States, so a game with characters taking place somewhere in Europe, Africa, Asia or South America could be really awesome. Imagine exploring the infected ridden zones of Rome or Paris, or partaking in some other interesting journey throughout the world.

For all we know, the Infection virus is contained to only the Americas, and a sequel could be about other governments trying to wipe out the infection by sending groups of people over that could eradicate the Infected. While this seems like it would likely change the whole scavenging for resources aspect of the game for parts of the game, the possibilities of having to choose between killing groups of people because they are infected or not, and dealing with other “healthy” people could be extremely powerful and follow the theme of The Last of Us. This option would certainly bring some new aspects to the series, as well as giving us more insight into the whole world of The Last of Us.

We also have the obvious choice of just picking up in the future and have Ellie as the main character. This would probably be the best way to continue Joel and Ellie’s story simply because it would be a much bigger change than just travelling a couple years into the future and picking up where we left off with Joel as the main character trying to hide the fact that he lied to Ellie (even though we all know she knows hes lying). Hopefully putting Ellie as the main character and as an adult with her own experiences would create a totally new adventure that doesn’t totally rely on something like Joel lying to her.

The Last of Us 2 naysayers have the right to be concerned about a sequel not doing the first game justice, but those fears are unnecessary. The developers at Naughty Dog are fantastic storytellers who have already expressed the exact same fears that all the naysayers have. They know exactly how to avoid all the doubts some gamers have about a sequel, and after all the fantastic games they have made, they certainly deserve our trust in their ability to give the sequel justice.

All of the great possibilities that could happen as well Naughty Dog’s track record should ease everyone’s mind, as if anyone could do a The Last of Us sequel justice, its them.

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