A phone that’s finally worth keeping

Lonnie Isham
By: - 16th Sep 2013
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Phones are really only built to last for two years, but after the two years are up, what’re you going to do with your phone? The concept of Phonebloks, is to allow the user to customize and rebuild their phone in any way they see fit.

The idea behind Phonebloks, is to make a phone that has replaceable parts. If someone wants to put in a better camera, they can. If someone wants a bigger hard drive, they can put one in. Better yet, you broke the screen on your phone? No big deal, just buy another screen and replace it yourself. Of course this type of idea isn’t without downsides, how many component companies would support this type of idea, or on the other hand, how many phone companies would support this type of phone? How expensive would the components be? Perhaps these aren’t the burning questions that consumers would be asking, but it’s worth thinking about.

However, the idea of keeping your device up and running as long as you want, is a terrific idea. The way most phones are built, they’re really only meant to last a year or two, before some component breaks, and the phone gets thrown away. Phonebloks concept is to slow down that process, and allow you to purchase specific components through a Blokstore. The Blokstore, is where you would purchase new bloks for your phone, or sell old ones. You can also read reviews on specific bloks you might be interested in, along with building either your own phone from scratch, or a phone that’s pre-assembled.

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The upside to this type of concept, aside from the do-it-yourself repair work and not having to dispose of the phone, is that the device can change shape and you can still keep all of your peripherals. For example, given the right combination of blocks, you could turn your smartphone into a phablet, or turn it into a full-fleged tablet, it’s really up to you. At the moment, there is no kickstarter or any sort of crowdfunding being put together at this time. The concept is being supported by word of mouth, and through the normal channel of social networks. It’s an idea that I would implore people to get behind, if they’re remotely curious about the where this idea will lead to.

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