Why Grand Theft Auto V Should Be Your First Grand Theft Auto Game

By: - 18th Sep 2013
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Never bought a Grand Theft Auto game? Doesn’t matter, for Grand Theft Auto V is a game for newcomers and old-timers alike.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t really like Grand Theft Auto IV. Driving around shooting prostitutes and running people over with cars just did not seem like my type of fun. Now I know that there is other stuff to do in GTA IV but I just couldn’t get into it and was under the impression that I probably would never by a Grand Theft Auto game, no matter how many 10′s it would receive.

Well that changed with Grand Theft Auto V. Now most people who have never gotten into a GTA game must be thinking the same thing, what makes this one better than all the others. The answer to that question is the sheer size and amount of content in this world. I’ve only played about 3 to 4 hours of the game so far, and I haven’t even left the city portion of the Island of Los Santos. There is so much to do and explore, from going to the pier and exploring the rides, to randomly finding a jetski with a bunch of ramps in the ocean. Nearly 4 hours in (the majority of a Call of Duty campaign) and I haven’t even finished exploring the city, let alone leave it.

As you can see, I still have A LOT to explore.

As you can see, I still have A LOT to explore.

Exploring and being as much of a hooligan as you would like doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you can do. I have yet to go scuba diving, play a round of golf, or try my hand at some tennis. Nor have I competed in a triathlon or gone biking or hiking in the wilderness. On top of that I am no where near close to exploring the entire island and all of it’s secrets. For example, apparently the tallest mountain of the game has some alien-like labyrinth inside of it that not even the hardest of core players have discovered yet.

Screw robbing banks, I just want to play some golf.

Screw robbing banks, I just want to play some golf.


The game is full of exploration and secrets that cater to almost every player’s preferences. If you just want to f*** around and run random civilians over with your car while avoiding the cops, then you are more then welcome to spends hours doing that. If you prefer to spend your time just exploring the world Rockstar has given us, then you will have more then enough content to do so. And if all you want to do is spend a relaxing day driving/flying/biking/boating as fast as you can around the island then you have a huge world to do that in.

In previous installments of Grand Theft Auto there has only been one main character the player controls throughout the game. This changes in GTA V where we now have three players to play with, and the way Rockstar accomplishes this is brilliant. You have the ability to move between each character as frequently as you desire with just a click of a button, but just because these characters are intertwined by the storyline of Grand Theft Auto V does it mean they have the same lifestyles. I could have been at a strip club with Franklin, while Micheal is playing tennis with his wife, and while Trevor is causing mayhem in the desert shooting every cop he sees.



All these characters continue to go about their day even while you aren’t controlling them, and the ability to move between each of them whenever you want gives the open world experience an entirely new feel. It’s always interesting to see what the other characters have been doing while you have been roaming with another character, and what you find may surprise you.

And we haven’t even touched on the online portion of the game that will be releasing on October 1st. In Grand Theft Auto Online players have the chance to experience the entire world of Los Santos (and in the future possibly Liberty City and more) with up to 16 other players. In this Online world there are over 500 missions to be completed solo, with a partner, or even all 16 players. You and a friend can spend your day playing some golf or tennis, or decide to rob a convenience store. The exciting part about robbing a store is that only one player steals the money, so make sure you trust your friends, because they may decide to turn on you and take the money for themselves. Or you know, you can just shoot them in the back of the head when they aren’t looking and take the money for yourself.



There is so much content to explore online with friends, from exploring to all the kinds of elaborate heists to all different kinds of races with all the vehicles in the game. Not only that, but as you save money online you can purchase nicer houses, which in turn have bigger garages. This will eventually lead you to having a beautiful house or apartment with a garage that can fit up to 10 cars. Once you are satisfied with your living style, you can invite your friends over and show off all the beautiful vehicles you own, and just hang out and chill in your house.

Grand Theft Auto Online takes the fantastic single player experience from Grand Theft Auto V and multiplies it tenfold. Between single player and multiplayer, there is more than enough gameplay for every kind of gamer to enjoy. So before you blatantly disregard Grand Theft Auto V because you weren’t interested in any of the prior installments, read some more articles and watch some more gameplay videos to understand the sheer amount of content in this game.

I never would of imagined four years ago thinking that I would ever be interested in a Grand Theft Auto game, but Grand Theft Auto V has completely enthralled me, and hopefully many other gamers like me can be brought into the fold as well.

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