200 million iOS devices running iOS 7, shattering the record for fastest software upgrade

Bradley Wint
By: - 23rd Sep 2013
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Apple has been setting records again this week, clocking in over 200 million devices running running its new iOS7, making it one of the fastest software upgrades in history.

With many doubting Apple’s future, the numbers seem to be suggesting otherwise after they sold over 9 million units 5S and 5C models combined with many others on older models quickly upgrading to the more minimalist and flat design. These figures are actually much better than analysts has predicted. There were estimating somewhere near 7.75 million units, but that upper end estimated was quickly shattered mainly because of the fact that there wasn’t a pre-order period like the last few years.

Its gold iPhone was also a very hot seller in Asia, selling out much faster than they had anticipated.

The numbers clearly show that Apple is in a healthy position financially, and with an extremely loyal fan base, we don’t see these kind of sales figures diminishing just yet. Given the general opinion that iPhone users want a phone that is simple to use and stable, is that what is keeping them afloat even when Android competitors such as Samsung and LG try to push into the future with new innovations? Does the average phone user want a phone that just works or are they looking for something that is cutting edge?

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