The people have spoken. They want the PS Vita TV

Lonnie Isham
By: - 23rd Sep 2013
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Back on September 9th, Sony had announced the PS Vita TV. Many people were disappointed when they discovered that it was a system that was only going to be released in Japan. However, due to the popularity of the system, Sony is mulling over releasing it in the US and in Europe.

The PS Vita TV is such an interesting concept, you can play Vita, Playstation, and PSP games with it, stream video content, and use it as a means to play PS4 games on another television. In some ways, it seems sort of silly not for this device to not be released outside of Japan. For 99 dollars, you could potentially get all of the same content you can with other set top boxes, like Apple TV and Roku, plus you can also play games on it. For Sony, it’s really just a matter of timing (whatever that means).

There are also rumors starting to swirl in regards to streaming PS3 games to the set top box using Gaikai, however it seems the details are still hazy when it comes to Gaikai working in Europe. After seeing the concept video when the news had leaked that there was going to be a Playstation set top box, it brought back feelings of the Super Game Boy. Who didn’t like playing Game Boy games on their television? That being said, Vita games would look pretty nice on a bigger screen, and they have the ecosystem in place where this could be very successful, and the price point is easy to take in as well.

Who really knows if this will be released outside of Japan or not, but it’s been awhile since Sony has grabbed peoples attention, and right now with the PS4 launch looming, this would be the perfect time to ride the momentum.

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