3 things that make me want to play World of Warcraft now

By: - 25th Sep 2013
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There has been a wane in the popularity of World of Warcraft slowly over the last year, but with that I feel more compelled to come back to a game that I only scratched the surface of before.

There is 3 main reasons for my willingness to dive into a game so far in its life cycle:

1. Faster Progression

I’ve said many times before that I dislike how many MMO’s punish players from experiencing their worlds because they aren’t levelled up. I like the experience of getting strong, it’s satisfying, but getting their should be fun not a grind of fetch quests.

Increasing the speed of  levelling times for beginners lets players have more freedom on how they’d like to experience the world and lore, which for me means everything as PvE experience is the appealing part of these games.


It shouldn’t take my lifespan to look this badass.

2. Openness 

WoW began with a fairly rigid structure of what character types can play what classes, over the years Blizzard backed down on these barriers and made the game completely open. Players can even switch their characters race after creating them. There’s a ton of content to experience and now I’m free to experience the game any way I please (for a small fee).

Make the switch whenever you like.

Make the switch whenever you like.

3. Noob friendly 

I am in no way an expert when it comes to these expansive games, in fact a lot of it goes way over my head, but I am willing to learn and it seems to those players like me WoW is a much nicer place to visit.

While a lot of well established games will only grow more complex as time goes on, WoW seems to have gone in a different direction. It has identified and taken back all of the unnecessary complexity, making a user friendly experience. This applies to recent changes in raid difficulty a part of the game I always wanted to experience, but never had the dedication.

I may finally get to experience one of those raids all the kids are talking about.

I may finally get to experience one of those raids all the kids are talking about.

I’ve always wanted to experience the lore and magical world the WoW seems to offer, but there was too many things that acted as walls for me. Now that those restrictions seem to be gone or on their way out, it seems like the game itself is in a place for me, to get lost in it’s now well established world rich with variety in its environments.

Well for many the game may seem like it’s about end its long reign, but I think it’s the perfect time to dive in and progress past the point of level 25 for me. Now to just find the time…

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