Romanian ISP introduces 1Gbps plan for only US$18

Bradley Wint
By: - 8th Oct 2013
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While Americans are still forking out big bucks for Internet plans under 100Mbps, Romanian ISP RCS & RDS plans to offer 1Gbps connections from November at just US$18 per month.

Digi Net 500 customers can expect to pay close to US$15 for a 500Mbps connection (down speeds 62.5 MB per second) while Digi Net 1000 customers will have access to 1Gbps speeds, which means you can download 125MB per second. Over in the US, an Google’s equivalent Gigabit plan costs US$70.

For now, only customers in urban areas will have access to the fast service. They do plan to expand into the more rural countryside later on. They’ve also advised customers who plan to use the 1Gbps service to upgrade their home wireless routers to support the blazing fast down speeds.

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