Time Warner Cable slashes prices and increases speeds in Kansas City; Google Fiber responsible?

Bradley Wint
By: - 4th Feb 2013
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In the raging war between Google Fiber and competing cable providers, Time Warner Cable has started slashing prices and upgrading Internet speeds.

With Google Fiber is still in its very early stages in Kansas City, are competitors already feeling early signs of competition? Time Warner Cable customers are now reporting that they are receiving upgrades on their speeds along with a reduction of their monthly bill.

For instance, some customers have received 50% more speeds with bill savings as high as 30%. Even though their offer expires on November 2014, it’s clear that TWC is bracing for some form of competition by solidifying its customer base long before other services like Google Fiber and Clearwire extend their reach. Various cable companies have also started bidding for business contracts, thus making it a win-win for business and home owners. Even if these small businesses decided not to switch to Google Fiber, they would still benefit from increased savings as a result of competition.

Time Warner has yet to comment about why prices have suddenly dropped (with the increased speeds), but it’s safe to say they are making sure they don’t lose out when Google Fiber is offered to the wider portions of Kansas City.

At the moment, Google offers 3 plans:

  • 5Mb down/1Mb up – Free ($300 initial set up fee)
  • 1Gb down/up – $70 per month (no set up fee)
  • 1Gb down/up + Cable TV – $120 per month (no set up fee)

[Photo: mootown/Flickr]

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