Samsung Galaxy Note battery catches on fire in man’s pants; causes second degree burns

Bradley Wint
By: - 6th Feb 2013
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A Seoul man had a case of hot pants after a Samsung Galaxy Note battery in his pocket caught fire, resulting in second degree burns.

The Bupyeong Fire Station is still unclear as to how the battery ignited in the first place, but they did make it clear that the lithium-ion battery was not in the phone at the time of the incident.

The burning battery led to the man suffering from a one inch wide, second degree wound on his thigh. Even though it was reported that the battery exploded, there won’t be any investigations into the matter (on Samsung’s part) since Li-ion batteries have a tendency of heating up pretty quickly when being recharged or heavily discharged. A good guess may point towards some form of contact being made while it was in his pocket, maybe from contact made by a paper clip, coin, or some other metallic object.

[Photo: Samsung]

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