Maydaystation: A Step-By-Step Guide to Fixing your PS4

By: - 20th Nov 2013
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Over the last month a number of hardware errors have been reported from PS4 owners, even before the console itself was released. Rather embarrassingly for Sony this meant that 2 Taco Bell competition winners, as well as the major gaming sites Kotaku and IGN, were given faulty PS4s. As it turns out there are actually two, rather than one, hardware failures plaguing Playstation users and the differences are detailed below. Fortunately the fixes for these problems are relatively simple, just follow these steps and you will be back to gunning down Helghast in no time.

Issue no. 1: White/Blue flashing light

This issue is marked by the light on the PS4’s side flashing first Blue then White and continuing to alternate and prevents images and sound registering on screen. This issue is caused by disconnection between the console and the HDMI input, usually due to a slightly bent port on the console.

Steps to Fix:

Step 1:  Examine your console’s HDMI port for any metal components that appear bent up rather than lying flat. Kotaku have released the following picture of their PS4’s bent HDMI port which can be used for reference:


Step 2: make sure to do the same checks on your HDMI cable as well, everything must look flat.

Step 3: If either the cable or port has bent components, use a pin to carefully push the effected components back into place. After this simple fix the console should work fine.

Issue No. 2: Blue Pulse of Pain/Blue Light of Death

Barely a week since the PS4’s launch and there is already an issue being likened to the infamous RROD and YLOD issues that plagued the consoles of the last generation. This issue involves the Blue light on the console never changing to the white light that working units display when running and instead flashing. It also prevents images and sound registering on screen. This issue is caused by a number of issues so two separate methods are detailed below:

Steps to Fix:

Method 1:

Step 1: Press and hold PS4 power button for a minimum 7 seconds, the console should beep twice.

Step 2: Disconnect power cable.

Step 3: Disconnect all other cables.-

Step 4: Remove HDD bay cover by sliding it to the left. Sony have released a diagram to demonstrate this:

Step 5: Examine hard drive to see if it is loose. Refer to Sony’s diagram once again:


Step 6: If your hard drive is loose you can use the single screw in the diagram to reattach it. Alternatively you can replace the hard drive with any of your choosing provided it is no larger than 160GB and no thicker than 9.5mm without voiding warranty.

Method 2:

Step 1: On your TV display navigate to the update option on the menu and begin installing a new firmware update.

Step 2: Now try booting up your console, with the new update the console’s error may have been resolved.

If none of these methods work you can find more information here on Sony’s official troubleshooting FAQ. Also bear in mind the Playstation 4 has a 1 year warranty so replacing your console is also an option. Good luck and happy gaming!


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