“We’re following a dream” says Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts

Silje Dahl
By: - 2nd Dec 2013
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This Thursday, Cloud Imperium Games founder Chris Roberts celebrated Thanksgiving by giving thanks to the league of “Star Citizen” supporters.

Celebrating the community of crowdfunders that gave life to the production of the massive space simulator game, Roberts tries to answer the question many have asked, namely: “How can the game possibly live up to its massive ambition and the expectation of players?”

“Sometimes I wonder this myself,” says Roberts. “But when I think about it, one answer comes to me. We’re all following a dream with Star Citizen.”

Many have labeled Star Citizen overambitious, and it’s easy to see why: The game promises to an evolving, massive multiplayer universe containing countless hours of gameplay catering to several unique play styles, an extensive single player campaign,  and 10 times the visual detail of most current triple A games.

Star Citizen logo

On the other hand, the high focus on warfare, trading, and resource management has already proved viable. Another MMO space sim, EVE Online has reached more than 500.000 active players per month. This doesn’t necessarily lessen the risk of creating a game this large, however.

What could ultimately be the key is the massive investment of its future players.

Currently at $33 million in funding, one could say that the backers are the backbone of the production. Cloud Imperium Games have ensured trust by being keeping the development process fairly transparent and giving its 300.000 pledged Star Citizens the chance to communicate with developers through their online forums.

The community, in turn, gives back by constantly providing feedback and support. The project seems tied together by a combination of money, idealism, and trust.

In the coming months, Star Citizen will continuously be updated. While the Hangar is already available for early backers wanting a look at the ship bought with their precious money, several modules will be released, giving a growing insight into the features of the game and finally culminating in a soft release with all features present.

If you want to partake in the journey and have an early look at the game, you can sign up for one of the backer packages over at the game’s development website, Roberts Space Industries.

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