Hayao Miyazaki Retires From Retirement

By: - 6th Jan 2014
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Only a year after his retirement announcement, beloved Japanese animation king Hayao Miyazaki has announced that he’s back in the game

Last year, Hayao Miyazaki gave the extremely sobering announcement that he would retire after the release of ‘The Wind Rises’ (which was amazing and I highly recommend that everyone watch it). This news was met with a lot of “Oh no!”‘s from the internet, as well as out in the real world. Thankfully, Miyazaki has recently announced on a Japanese radio that he will actually not be retiring at all!

He announced this on New Year’s Eve, a good four days ago. According to a Japanese article about the announcement, this will be the sixth time that Miyazaki has announced his retirement, only to revoke it some time later. As fans, we’re always happy to see him creating and directing beautiful movies, but it would be nice if he wouldn’t play with our hearts like this.

Miyazaki’s latest masterpiece, ‘The Wind Rises’, was released in Japanese during November 2013. It is set for an English release in February 2014. With Miyazaki officially out of his sixth retirement, ‘The Wind Rises’ will no longer be considered his last movie. We hope Miyazaki has another wonderful year (and many years to come).

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