Five Crowdfunding projects that could change our everyday life

Silje Dahl
By: - 21st Jan 2014
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There are a lot of things going on over at Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Some projects seem less interesting than others, but here are a few that could possibly change how we go about our lives (some time in the future, at least).


ARK – The Next Generation Portable Wireless Charger


If you use your phone actively when you’re out, you might experience your phone’s battery running empty from time to time, and unless you have a laptop nearby, finding a power source for your charger can be a difficult task. The ARK is a portable, battery-driven charger that powers your phone in a pinch. It’s made even more practical by the fact that smart phones can be charged wirelessly by dropping them onto the charger, and if you need to charge two devices at once you can connect the second device with a mini-USB cable.


EmoSpark – The First AI Home Console


I’m the first to admit many AI projects are pretty far-fetched, but this seems interesting. It’s an AI device that plugs into your Wi-Fi and can be connected to all your devices. It has a system for recognizing facial expression and learns through communication with humans, and will observe your actions and respond to them. If we look away from the privacy intrusion risks, could this be the first true AI companion? Personally, I’m still skeptical, but who knows?

The Password Reset Key

Password Reset Key

This gadget could be a life-saver – or a security threat. Optimally, you would buy this “skeleton key” if you’re having trouble remembering your user password.
The key is a USB stick that, when inserted into a computer running a Windows OS, will allow you to reset the password of any user account. It’s a neat tool, but of course it could also pose a major security risk: There’s nothing to stop you from using it for evil by resetting the password on someone else’s PC.

The Gamebuddy – Play any game on any screen anywhere


This project claims to allow you to stream video or games from your console, TV or Smartphone to your computer – and vice versa. You simply plug one GameBuddy device into each of the devices you want to connect, and you’re ready to go.
Usually the downside with these projects is the price, but a GameBuddy unit won’t cost you more than $69, and although the 2 for $79 offer is gone, you can still get a pair for $99. The only problem I can see with this the possible range of the game controller when moving into a separate room to play.

TEO – The Future of the Padlock


There are a few projects on the way already that allow you to lock your house using an app, but these usually have to be installed through a security company. If you just want to keep your university locker, bike or treasure chest locked, you might be interested in TEO. It’s quite simply a padlock that can be unlocked by an application and over Bluetooth. You can even share the key by sending it to a friend’s mobile device if you want to grant them access to your belongings for a short period of time.

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