Google to stop forcing users to sign up for Google+. Signs of a dying network?

Bradley Wint
By: - 25th Apr 2014
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Vic Gundotra’s resignation from his role as Senior Vice President of Social for Google caused quite a few heads to turn today, causing many to wonder about the fate of Google+.

Google has officially denied that his departure will affect the current path of Google+, but rumors from inside the organization suggest otherwise. For starters, they are looking to downgrade the product from a full-fledged social network to just another platform tool for communication. They also plan to discontinue forced Google+ account integration into other services like YouTube (among a few others) even though Gmail users may still have to deal with being forced to sign up for one of their social profiles.

Google+ has still failed to make a significant dent into Facebook’s user base, even though many on Facebook complain that they don’t like using Facebook. On a positive side, they have introduced a few cool features like ‘Hangouts’ (which seems to work better than Skype and Facebook Video Chat), and ‘Communities’ which essentially is like a Facebook Group but more accessible. They also take a reverse approach by trying to link people to each other on a global level rather than limiting them to friends and family like Facebook did, even though Facebook is now trying to move in this direction as well.

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