Used Games: A Thing of the Past?

By: - 21st Mar 2013
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With rumors swirling of the supposed exclusion of used game support from Microsoft’s upcoming console, all signs point to pre-owned purchases being a thing of the past for Xbox users.

Having been an avid video-gaming aficionado for the majority of my life, growing up I often found myself searching far and wide for like-minded individuals who saw the industry in a similar light as I. While this may not sound like much of a challenge, given the fact that the ocean was indeed full of fish willing to bite, it proved to be anything but easy.

The reasoning for this can be stated as simply as this: a gamer is a fickle creature. Each one of us shares a unique mindset, dissimilar in a myriad of ways, prone to shamelessly stand by our opinions till the very end. Despite this, we all share a common characteristic: commitment to the games we play. To an outsider, the willingness to cough up sixty bucks for a plastic box and a disc may seem frivolous, but to us it is a perfectly logical decision.

In spite of this aforementioned devotion, their comes a time in every young gamer’s life (usually when momma bear refuses to continue endorsing said individual’s hobby) when he stumbles upon the realization that he has more cash in his head than in his wallet. What’s a guy to do in a sticky situation such as this, you ask? Well, my young jedi, visit your local used game store you must!

Purchasing previously-owned products at stores such as Gamestop and EB Games has been become somewhat of ritual for many who find themselves unable or unwilling to pay the big bucks that buying games fresh off the shelf requires.

The newest leaked bit of information released regarding Microsoft’s newest project, codenamed “Durango”, will most likely be received with a collective sigh from the Xbox community. Now-renowned site unveiled an interesting screenshot from the hardware overview of the supposed console (seen below).


The specs indicate that gameplay from a disc is no longer applicable and that users will instead have to directly download the game to their system, effectively condemning an Xbox owner’s ability to thrift shop. Previous rumblings have suggested that Microsoft’s  plan is for the user to receive an activation code along with his purchase that will enable him to install the game onto his hard drive. From then on, said user must be connected to the internet in order to play the game.

Keep in mind that these are just rumors, but would it really wouldn’t surprise anyone if Microsoft ended up pulling something like this?

[Photo: VGleaks]

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