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When Will Warlords of Draenor Release?

By: - 10th Nov 2013

This weekend at Blizzcon Blizzard announced the fifth expansion to their hit MMO World of Warcraft, but with no release date…


Why Grand Theft Auto V Should Be Your First Grand Theft Auto Game

By: - 18th Sep 2013

Never bought a Grand Theft Auto game? Doesn’t matter, for Grand Theft Auto V is a game for newcomers and…


Will Titanfall Eventually Come to PlayStation 4?

By: - 9th Sep 2013

EA’s new franchise “Titanfall” coming to the Xbox One and PC early next year has easily become next-gen’s most anticipated…


Poll: Who “Won” This Generation

By: - 23rd Aug 2013

The seventh generation of gaming is coming to a close, and while most of our minds are on the impending…


The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Open House August 27th to September 3rd

By: - 23rd Aug 2013

Ubisoft’s new free-to-play PC game, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, will be having another Open House from August 27th…


Where You Can Still Pre-order the Xbox One and PlayStation 4

By: - 21st Aug 2013

If you are worried that it may be too late to pick up one of these next-gen consoles, don’t fret,…


Are The Last of Us 2 Naysayers Overreacting?

By: - 19th Aug 2013

The success of The Last of Us makes it almost inevitable that a sequel will eventually be made, but some…


Total War Games You Should Check Out Before Rome Total War 2

By: - 14th Aug 2013

The long awaited return of Rome Total War is just a few weeks away, but in order to hold out…


Could Mass Effect 4 Take Place in the Next Cycle

By: - 10th Aug 2013

Mass Effect 3′s 4th ending, “Refusal”, could be an absolutely amazing concept for a new game, and a new series…


Are subscription MMO’s really dying?

By: - 4th Aug 2013

With World of Warcraft’s subscriptions in a steady decline, and with many other games going free to play, is the…


Top 5 Events and Releases to Look Forward to in August

By: - 3rd Aug 2013

Summer is coming to a close, but this month has a lot to look forward to before we hit the…


The College Student: PS4 vs Xbox One

By: - 30th Jul 2013

Because of its $100 cheaper price, does the PS4 already win in the college student market? Disclaimer: This isn’t a…


Could a Future Batman Arkham Game Show Superman vs Batman?

By: - 28th Jul 2013

With the future of the DC movie universe revealed at Comic Con, is this the boost developers need to get…


How Badly Will NHL14 Suffer for Not Being on Next-Gen

By: - 25th Jul 2013

At E3 this year EA announced that the latest installment of their NHL series will not be going to next-gen…


Injustice: Gods Among Us Characters We Still Want

By: - 16th Jul 2013

With new DLC’s announced for Injustice: Gods Among Us including Martian Manhunter so far, here are our other top 5…