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14-year old comes up with $400 million savings idea. It’s simple yet brilliant

By: - 28th Mar 2014

When you think about all the government departments across the United States, or in any country as a matter, and…

Generic Brand Vid

Generic Brand spoof satirises business advertisements everywhere

By: - 28th Mar 2014

Influential scenes with powerfully vague buzz words are at the heart of this promotional video. This spoof of big business…


Nintendo won’t attend PAX East this year

By: - 25th Mar 2014

Bad news for Nintendo fans: the iconic third wheel of the console trinity won’t be making an appearance at the…


Ever wondered how Amazon delivers your packages so quickly?

By: - 17th Mar 2014

Back in 2012, Amazon shipped an estimated 306 packages per minute, which is about 26 million per day. But have…


Sony of America President to step down

By: - 6th Mar 2014

Sony announced today in a press release that long time President of the North American branch of Sony Computer Entertainment…


Phoenix Online Studios Pledge to Help Game Devs Tell Their Story

By: - 22nd Feb 2014

Indie Developper Phoenix Online Studios has announced the setup of their new gaming label: Phoenix Online Publishing. Their aim is to…


Flapp-italism and the Indie Dev Who’s Questioning Capitalist Culture

By: - 22nd Feb 2014

The recent news that Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Nguyen, had taken down his game due to anxiety has caused a massive…


Nintendo takes dramatic steps to reinvent itself

By: - 30th Jan 2014

A new gaming platform, opening the licensing on their iconic IP, and smartphone and tablet development are all on the…


EA employee says Nintendo is “dead to us”

By: - 23rd Jan 2014

An anonymous EA staffer claims that the company has cut all ties with Nintendo, but Peter Moore has since denied…

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Pinnacle Sports becomes first bookmaker to officially sponsor E-sports

By: - 19th Jan 2014

This month marks a historical moment in the history of Video Game sporting events, with the recent ‘Pinnacle Sports DotA…


Anyone Can Email You: The Latest in Google’s Nefarious Software ‘Updates’

By: - 12th Jan 2014

Just a few months after the much hated move to combine the youtube and google plus services, the big G has…


China Removes Ban on Console Sales and Production… For Now

By: - 7th Jan 2014

A 14-year-old ban on console games has recently been lifted in China, allowing Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to cater to…


Delta ticketing glitch drastically reduces ticket prices. You won’t believe how cheap tickets were

By: - 27th Dec 2013

A glitch in Delta’s ticketing system caused airfares to be drastically reduced on Thursday afternoon, with some trips being sold…


30 million Dogecoins stolen on Christmas Day. Here is what happened

By: - 26th Dec 2013

Wow. Such scare. About 30 million Dogecoins valued to be around US $16,800, have been stolen in a Christmas Hack….


Apple granted access to China Mobile’s 760 million users

By: - 22nd Dec 2013

Apple has officially closed a deal with China Mobile, the world’s biggest mobile network, to sell iPhone 5S and 5C…