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New research shows that violent games don’t make us angry, and here’s why

By: - 8th Apr 2014

One debate that may never let up is whether or not violent video games cause aggressive behaviour in real life….


Nintendo won’t attend PAX East this year

By: - 25th Mar 2014

Bad news for Nintendo fans: the iconic third wheel of the console trinity won’t be making an appearance at the…


Sony of America President to step down

By: - 6th Mar 2014

Sony announced today in a press release that long time President of the North American branch of Sony Computer Entertainment…


The scenic views of Grand Theft Auto 4′s Liberty City in black and white

By: - 2nd Mar 2014

There’s not really a need to have the conversation of whether or not video games are art. It’s really in…


The crossover you’ve been waiting for

By: - 2nd Mar 2014

This Flappy Bird obsession people have been having, just isn’t going to go away is it? Well, instead of having…


Why Minecraft the Movie is No Longer A Kickstarter Dream

By: - 28th Feb 2014

When the Minecraft movie kickstarter was removed earlier this month everyone assumed that Notch was against the idea, and that…


Looking for Something Different in Your Puzzle Games?

By: - 28th Feb 2014

Cloudbreaker, a nifty and inventive new puzzle game soon to release for Apple products, is looking to bring something new to…


Here we go again….

By: - 26th Feb 2014

Video Games and Government cross paths, more than a few times a year. In most cases, it’s due to a…


Video Gaming Then and Now in images. We’ve come really far

By: - 24th Feb 2014

With the exponential growth in computing power, video games are no longer in 2D, in 16-bit or even black and…


Phoenix Online Studios Pledge to Help Game Devs Tell Their Story

By: - 22nd Feb 2014

Indie Developper Phoenix Online Studios has announced the setup of their new gaming label: Phoenix Online Publishing. Their aim is to…


Flapp-italism and the Indie Dev Who’s Questioning Capitalist Culture

By: - 22nd Feb 2014

The recent news that Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Nguyen, had taken down his game due to anxiety has caused a massive…


No codes needed, Titanfall beta open to all

By: - 16th Feb 2014

Titanfall is one of 2014′s most anticipated releases. Due to be released on March 11th, it was only a matter…


Valentine’s Day Surprise in Divinity: Original Sin

By: - 14th Feb 2014

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! On this most romantic of days I bring you news of love blossoming in the world of…


Dungeon Keeper is free over GoG this weekend

By: - 14th Feb 2014

Happy… Friday everybody!  I’m not sure if there’s anything important going on today (outside my weekly Dance Central 3 marathon),…


Here’s an Air Hockey robot that you can’t beat

By: - 13th Feb 2014

Using parts from a 3D printer, Jose Julio was able to build his very own robotic Air Hockey opponent, which…