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Porsche folds after storm of Internet criticism over “Lemon 911″ viral video

By: - 18th Apr 2014

After saving up for many years, Nick Murray was finally able to purchase the car of his dreams, a Porsche…

Every home in the tower is designed with love – at least up until as far as one can reach.

These people make the best out of extremely poor living conditions

By: - 14th Apr 2014

Many of us have to luxury of living in decent homes with proper food and water, but not everyone is…


This is what the average Americans may look like by 2050. Do you agree?

By: - 14th Apr 2014

With more and more races of people migrating to the U.S., Martin Schoeller, a famous photographer and artist, was hired…


Your favourite Game of Thrones characters in 80s/90s fashion

By: - 8th Apr 2014

The season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones has definitely been the most anticipated episode of all time, bringing in…


Americans losing (religious) faith thanks to the Internet, according to study

By: - 6th Apr 2014

A study conducted by Allen B. Downey, a computer scientist at the Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts, concludes that…


Facebook Reveals New Gender Option: What it Means

By: - 5th Apr 2014

As if Facebook needed more friends, it made a move this month to give users even more options in identifying…


These photographs were taken on a foreign planet…or were they?

By: - 2nd Apr 2014

Perspective is a hell of a thing. Rodrigo Bernal, a pro photographer, tested the limits of perspective by going to…


OkCupid wants users to boycott Firefox over Mozilla CEO’s gay rights stance

By: - 1st Apr 2014

We really wish we could tell you this was an April Fools’ joke, but the folks at OkCupid have taken…


Homeless couple treated to free 5-star anniversary night on the town. Their reaction would make anyone smile

By: - 27th Mar 2014

This is Ken and Charrolette. Unfortunately for them, they’ve been homeless for the past 14 years of their marriage. While…


Would you live in this tiny house?

By: - 25th Mar 2014

In today’s tight economy, buying a house has become even more difficult for many, and getting a mortgage really is…


These people recreated photos of themselves from the past. The results were truly awesome

By: - 19th Mar 2014

It’s really interesting to see how much we’ve changed over time, and photos like the ones below really highlight this…


These will soon be things of the past. Enjoy them while they last

By: - 19th Mar 2014

Thinking back, the CD player and Sony Walkman felt like things I used just the other day, but in reality…


This lady has spent over 14 years with family of mannequins

By: - 8th Mar 2014

Meet Suzanne Heintz, an art director who has many heads turning with her mannequin photo collection. Heintz got tired of…


Gorgeous polished table created out of scrap Boeing 777 wheel

By: - 5th Mar 2014

Just last week, I wrote about how regular scrap can be used to built masterpieces, and once again we have…