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Hey, 90′s kids, these facts will make you feel really, really old

By: - 2nd Apr 2014

Get those time machines ready, because we’re about to take a trip into the past! If you’re a 90′s kid…


Removal of DRM increases music record sales especially for less popular albums, according to study

By: - 2nd Dec 2013

If you’ve purchased music, video-games or e-books (among other things), you may have heard about an evil piracy control called…


iTunes Radio is turning up the heat on Pandora

By: - 16th Oct 2013

When iTunes Radio officially launched on September 18th, it was seen as another feature for iOS 7. People predicted that…


Microsoft’s Xbox Music arrives on iOS before iTunes Radio

By: - 9th Sep 2013

In a semi-surprising move, Microsoft is launching its Xbox music app on the App Store, just a day before Apple…


What sounds does a fox make? Ylvis’ “The Fox” enlightens us all

By: - 9th Sep 2013

What sounds does a fox make? It’s not “yip yip” that’s for damn sure. According to this Norwegian singer, Yvlis,…


Have you seen “8 Mile?” Here’s what an underground rap battle is really like (in Texas)

By: - 29th Jul 2013

This weekend I was talked into attending a rap battle in Denton, Texas at a venue called Rubber Gloves. Over…


Keeping up with pop culture (without internet and cable)

By: - 28th Jul 2013

If you’re just out of college and struggling to pay off your student loans on a waiter’s salary, you’ve probably…


Kid Cudi releases new track “Going to the Ceremony”

By: - 1st Jul 2013

You may not know the song yet, but you will soon. “Going to the Ceremony” is reminiscent of the genius…

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Happy Birthday Maurice Sendak

By: - 10th Jun 2013

Maurice Sendak was born on this day in 1928. One year and one month ago, the author of the beloved…

Don’t dismiss online streaming for live concerts

By: - 15th May 2013

Concerts are a blast. Hearing your favorite bands play live, screaming with other fans, dancing in the audience and on…

Gatsby, Soundtrack, Baz Luhrmann, Third Man Records,

Soundtrack perfect for Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby”

By: - 15th May 2013

The biggest complaint I’ve heard about Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” is that the music did not do the Great American Novel…


Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ now available for download. Listen to it here!

By: - 19th Apr 2013

Daft Punk has finally released the single version of ‘Get Lucky’ after a huge debate over leaked versions of the…