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Photos from across the globe of last night’s ‘Blood Moon’

By: - 15th Apr 2014

If you’re one of the many people who stayed up last night to watch the full moon, you hopefully would…


Netherlands introduces glow-in-the-dark road ways

By: - 14th Apr 2014

Glow-in-the-dark roads are now a thing in The Netherlands, at least on a 500 meter strip of highway by the…


New research shows that violent games don’t make us angry, and here’s why

By: - 8th Apr 2014

One debate that may never let up is whether or not violent video games cause aggressive behaviour in real life….


Get ready for night vision contact lenses, all thanks to graphene

By: - 25th Mar 2014

Scientists have found a way to integrate graphene into contact lenses or cellphones to ‘see’ in night vision at room…


Venus could still be alive: New images suggest volcanoes are still erupting on planet surface

By: - 22nd Mar 2014

Recent scans taken from space show there might still be fiery activity on Venus, throwing reliable theories about the planet…

fMRI drug scan 1

Effects of Magic Mushrooms shown through brain scans

By: - 21st Mar 2014

Scans of subjects’ brains after taking psychedelic drugs have given scientists the most detailed look yet at how the drugs…

Linde reaction

Watch as a Big Bang scientist hears confirmation of his life’s work for the first time

By: - 19th Mar 2014

In a compelling and deeply moving video, the father of one of science’s crucial theories is informed that his lifetime…

cosmic background hdr

“Smoking gun” proof of the Big Bang unveiled by cosmologists

By: - 17th Mar 2014

A group of scientists studying the beginning of our universe have announced their findings- unprecedented new evidence of the rapid…

Space Walk

You could name the next historic space mission: ESA wants your suggestion

By: - 15th Mar 2014

The European Space Agency is allowing the public to submit potential titles for a future expedition to the International Space…

The thin line of Earth's atmosphere and the setting sun are featured in this image photographed by a crew member on the International Space Station while space shuttle Atlantis (STS-129) remains docked with the station. 11/23/09

These real-life photos from space will blow your mind

By: - 12th Mar 2014

For those who have seen the Movie ‘Gravity’ in 3D, many like myself felt that the storyline really wasn’t that…


New membrane that can permanently prevent heart attacks

By: - 7th Mar 2014

Scientists have developed a 3D glove-like electronic membrane that can be used to stop arrhythmia and prevent heart attacks. Researchers…

Orion Nebula

iPhone cameras, telescopes and photographs of a nebula over 1,300 lightyears-away

By: - 4th Mar 2014

Astrophotography has come a long way in 130 years, as proven by this comparison of images of the Orion Nebula….


Scientists one step closer to HIV vaccine

By: - 3rd Mar 2014

Scientists have made a break through discovery by figuring out how the body’s immune system makes a powerful antibody that…


Study finds that Internet Trolls are terrible people in real life

By: - 2nd Mar 2014

A study conducted by University of Manitoba research students Erin E. Buckels, Paul D. Trapnell, and Delroy L. Paulhus has…

1 - Tungsten Incandescent Light Bulb Filament

Life under the microscope never looked so beautiful

By: - 27th Feb 2014

Look around you and tell me what you see? Most of us would answer with something like “a pen” or…