Stories from Social Media

Google to stop forcing users to sign up for Google+. Signs of a dying network?

By: - 25th Apr 2014

Vic Gundotra’s resignation from his role as Senior Vice President of Social for Google caused quite a few heads to…


NYPD #myNYPD Twitter photo contest backfires…really badly

By: - 23rd Apr 2014

The New York Police department posted a tweet this morning, asking for fans to post pictures of themselves with NYPD…


The best of Tinder in images

By: - 22nd Apr 2014

Tinder is a location-based app that uses social graph (interests, etc.) data and the number of mutual friends from Facebook…


Porsche folds after storm of Internet criticism over “Lemon 911″ viral video

By: - 18th Apr 2014

After saving up for many years, Nick Murray was finally able to purchase the car of his dreams, a Porsche…


User shares passwords online to mock Heartbleed bug. Can you guess what happens after?

By: - 17th Apr 2014

A Washington Post reader was fed up of hearing about the risks of the Heartbleed Bug, and left this note…


US Airways accidentally posts extremely NSFW image on Twitter

By: - 14th Apr 2014

After today’s American Airlines Twitter terror story, another airline has made its way into the viral circle, but for a…


Dutch teenager arrested after tweeting terrorist joke to American Airlines

By: - 14th Apr 2014

Everything we do and say has its share of consequences. Yesterday, Twitter user @QueenDemetriax_ posted a tweet to American Airlines’…


India tops list for Facebook content censorship requests

By: - 11th Apr 2014

Facebook has released it second global government transparency report for the period of July through December 2013. The first report…


Facebook to crack down hard on guilt and link-baiting spam

By: - 10th Apr 2014

Facebook has tweaked its news feed again to allow users to filter out content from Pages based on three additional…


Facebook Reveals New Gender Option: What it Means

By: - 5th Apr 2014

As if Facebook needed more friends, it made a move this month to give users even more options in identifying…


If Twitter existed at the beginning of time, these would be the top tweets

By: - 29th Mar 2014

Ever wondered what some of the Tweets would be like if Twitter existed when mankind first ruled the earth, and…


“Burger King baby” reunited with her mother, thanks to Facebook viral campaign

By: - 27th Mar 2014

Meet Katheryn Deprill, a.k.a. the “Burger King baby”. She was abandoned in a Burger King restaurant in Allentown, Pennsylvania on…


Are Social Networks the cause of our loneliness? Find out why

By: - 26th Mar 2014

Over the years, social networking has grown to be an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr,…


The most annoying types of Facebook users

By: - 23rd Mar 2014

Let’s face it, Facebook has become a pretty darn good tool when it comes to keeping in contact with friends…