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Pan Am First Class: this is the true first class experience

By: - 23rd Apr 2014

Many of us aren’t lucky to afford business or first class tickets, and some get the privilege after clocking up…


Pan American Airways to make a comeback with Boeing 737-800s

By: - 18th Apr 2014

Pan American Airways (Pan Am) is making a comeback, making it the sixth attempt to resurrect the brand. The once prestigious…


Remember these dirty hotel secrets the next time you check in

By: - 9th Apr 2014

We expect hotel rooms to be our home away from home in terms of cleanliness. Let’s face it, even if…


A day of airplane departures combined into one amazing photo

By: - 7th Apr 2014

Mike Kelley, an architectural photographer, decided to deviate from his regular ritual of photographing commercial and residential buildings, and headed…

Santorini, Greece

These villages are all absolutely beautiful in their own way

By: - 5th Apr 2014

One of the greatest things about the human species is our diversity. The moment we jump from one country to…


Watch this massive wave pound the rocks of this enclosed beach

By: - 22nd Mar 2014

Playa Puerto Nuevo is among one of the top 10 most popular beaches in Puerto Rico. It’s located on the…

09 - The Brandenburg Gate

These famous locations look completely different when you zoom out. You’ll be quite surprised

By: - 18th Mar 2014

When travel magazines publish photos of various landscapes and sights, they normally zoom quite close in to capture the beauty…


Malaysia Airlines #MH370 – The facts so far (plus regular updates)

By: - 11th Mar 2014

This story will be updated from time to time. False information will be removed and reclassified under the “Information deemed…