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CAT builds massive Jenga tower using construction machinery

By: - 16th Apr 2014

If you though playing Jenga was cool, check out the same game scaled up many times. Caterpiller (CAT), the construction…


How do cats respond to magic tricks? Their reactions are different…but hilarious

By: - 5th Apr 2014

Remember this video about dogs reacting to magic? Rick Lax, another full-time magician responded with a video showing us how…

Generic Brand Vid

Generic Brand spoof satirises business advertisements everywhere

By: - 28th Mar 2014

Influential scenes with powerfully vague buzz words are at the heart of this promotional video. This spoof of big business…


These people escape death by mere inches. They must be really lucky

By: - 25th Mar 2014

There are a lot of unfortunate things to happen in life, but have you ever wondered if you’ve been spared…